Momad \’mo-mad\ n. A modern nomad; a person that transports their belongings between permanent dwellings frequently while pursuing life's journey.

With modern design principles in mind, Momadic builds products that are built to last and stand the test of time. Like our nomadic ancestors, people of today move frequently. These Momads move an average of 16 times in their lifetime!

Our products cater to these Momads. We strive to produce unique eco-friendly furniture, home décor and gifts that possess a “purchase once – use forever” philosophy. Inherent value, integrity and durability are characteristics of all Momadic products.

We are a full service manufacturing company with a heart for design located in Sioux Falls, SD. From our gift items to our custom signs to our high design furniture – each and every product we make is eco-friendly, sustainable and made in the USA with American materials.

In addition to the products we have featured on the website we also can do custom signage, POP displays, and design manufacturing for your business. Be sure to contact us at sales@momadic.com for product and pricing information.

Bushel of E-KO-Rock™

Bushel of E-KO-Rock™

A versatile unique eco-friendly gift, made from hand selected river rock – we have over 140 designs to choose from!...Details